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A scholar, a champion, they all have the same beginning

Success is hard earned, everyone knows that, but when it comes time to put it into play people seem to forget.

Don’t forget that the things you treasure the MOST are ALSO things you worked the HARDEST for and DON’T OVERESTIMATE yourself by believing that you won’t ever need a reminder of that fact from time to time. The truest measure of a person is how they react when they stumble in life, even the best of us will falter at some point, KEEP MOVING….




im gunNA VOMIT

Wtf lmao

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I never want to hear a woman complain about how all guys are the same, about how a man shouldn’t awaken a women’s love when he has no intention of loving her back, it’s all bullshit. Truthfully women are just as capable as men at being shitty.

I’ve realized that most ppl aren’t worth knowing

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